dog or a cat - what is better

What Should You Get – a Cat or a Dog? The Ultimate Guide

Today, we will answer the age-old question – should you get a cat or a dog? Consider your personality and lifestyle Why are cats better than dogs? There are plenty of reasons to love both cats and dogs, but if you had to choose between the two, you might want to go with a cat. Here are five reasons cats are better than dogs: 1. Cats are independent. They don’t…

your dog loves you

6 Reasons Dogs are More Loving than Cats

Are dogs more loving than cats? Dogs are more loving than cats for six reasons: they are more social, they are more likely to form attachments, they show more signs of affection, they are more likely to follow their owner’s commands, and they are less independent. 1. Dogs are more social. Dogs are more social creatures than cats. They live in packs and form close bonds with their packmates. This…

Cute cat sleeping on owner’s shoulder

Everything you should think about before getting a cat

Why you should not get a cat? Five reasons to consider before getting a cat There are plenty of reasons not to get a cat – they’re independent, they require a lot of care, and they can be destructive, to name a few. But here are five specific reasons why a cat might not be the right pet for you: 1. You’re allergic – Cats are cute, but if you’re…

Everything You Need to Know About Cats Loyalty and Protection

Do cats protect their owners? What is the most loyal pet? There are many loyal pets, but the most loyal pet is probably the dog. Dogs have been bred for centuries to be loyal to their owners and to protect their homes. They are often called “man’s best friend” for their loyalty and devotion. Dogs have been known to stay by their owner’s side, even when they are sick or…

Are cat good pets?

This is a difficult question to answer as some people may have strong opinions for or against keeping cats as pets. Some people may believe that cats make wonderful pets as they can be independent, affectionate, and low maintenance when compared to other pets such as dogs. Others may believe that cats are not ideal pets as they can be aloof, destructive, and require a lot of care and attention.…

what is the best cat to get

What is the best cat to get?

There are so many different types of cats out there, how can you possibly choose just one? While some people prefer to adopt an older cat, others want a kitten. Some people want a small cat, while others prefer a large one. Some people want a short-haired cat, while others prefer a long-haired one. So, what is the best cat to get?

animal rights activism - how to handle burnout

Handling Emotional Burnout from Animal Activism

As an animal rights activist, you are bound to witness the suffering, feel empathetic to it and suffer in response, whether it is through anger, helplessness, or any other way. Recovery is optional and recommended to avoid burnout and keep your sanity, but returning to the battle is inevitable.